My Flickr account was deleted without warning

I just did a major migration from Picasa, which I failed to grand-father
and the granted storage was due.
PicBackMan helped me to do this.

Plus I decided to backup all the photos and stuffs in my PC to Flickr.

I paid for PRO account for another 2 years just a few month ago.

Flickr just delete my account since 2006.

 Along with that my yahoo ID is also completely removed

I even don't know when exactly they did that.

Maybe it's because I was login with google.
Maybe it's because "the stuffs" in my drive, which flickr encouraged me to upload with the new shiny Flickr Mac app.
Maybe it's just the man in PicBackMan hated me just used and unsubscribe their service so they reported me for fun.

Anyway the customer service just gave me a link to the whole terms saying that I abused flickr.
It's even shown in the reply title
[Flickr Case 3359099] Re: Abuse Report via email - Re: Password and sign in : unable to sign in [ref:_00DoKBVc._500o0qEaT:ref]
Wrote to yahoo account service, too. No reply.

I have some photo that I decided to keep only on Flickr.
It seems the decision was sooooo flikring wrong wrong wrong.

Here is my advise:
Keep your precious photos away from Flickr
Any of them. Before it's too late.

If you are serious about your yahoo ID, delete flickr account related NOW.
Use some flickring disposable account to UPLOAD STUFFs to Flickr.

Never pay for Flickr because there is no useful service.

The only service is sending you a link to their terms after your account is deleted.